Baker Stoves
All Stoves Hand-Crafted in the U.S.A., Made in York Co., Pennsylvania

Arthur L. Baker Enterprises was founded in 1977. Art Baker, concerned with our dependence on foreign energy sources, along with the high cost of energy, invented a totally new wood stove.

Most stoves of the time period were little more than a simple box, and were little changed from the stoves used in the last century. Art had the idea to incorporate a combination baffle system and heating chamber that would extract the maximum amount of heat from the wood, heat that would being wasted up the chimney on other stoves.

The stove Art invented is made to produce more heat with less fuel. The stove takes cold air from your house and circulates it through the internal heating chamber, which is the hottest area in the stove, and produces hot air. The baffle system keeps the stove hotter by trapping the heat for a longer period of time. The hot air is then delivered to you house through the use of a blower system. At the same time, an easy spin draft control was adopted to make temperature adjustments easier. With the Baker stove, you get both radiant heat and circulatory heat!

The Baker stove met with immediate success and the company was incorporated in August of 1977. Several patents were issued on the stove design to Arthur L. Baker.

Art Baker's family now run the company, and continues to produce a full line of finely crafted stoves. All stoves are American made in York County, Pennsylvania. Every stove model made is tested and approved to UL standards.